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Window Wraps

Transform your storefront with full window wraps. We print & install in all major US markets.

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Window Wraps for Business

The larger your store, the larger your windows are. Every square inch of glass is a potential billboard to advertise your brand or products, or even monetize your store selling window advertising. Window wraps are full-sized window graphics that applied top-to-bottom covering your entire window allowing for incredible marketing opportunities. Also known as storescapes, window wraps are direct-advertising placed at eye-level to all the foot traffic that passes your store. Customers need not even enter your store to read your window wraps! Window wraps for business are our most popular product; we’ve installed thousands of window wraps for business and offices all over the USA.

Regardless of the size of the store, optimizing profitability and generating income are essential for any business. Window wraps and graphics are a long-lasting and affordable advertising option that let you utilize storefront windows to advertise goods, services, discounts, or even just to clearly identify a spot. Retailers in cities with more stringent signage regulations will find this to be especially helpful as you do NOT require a permit to display wraps on your windows as they are placed from the inside. Your company can benefit visually from innovative window treatments, which will also help it stand out from other tenants in the retail center. Our window wraps can be made on adhesive film (best) or vinyl graphics put to the front or back. Window wraps can have graphics removed without breaking or damaging the glass.

When necessary, window wraps allow for easier and more frequent alterations at a fraction of the cost of painting or signage. In the event that you ever need to move your window wrap, it also prevents damage. With news of promotions, deals, store hours, new inventory, or your company logo, bespoke window wraps can enhance your business and product presentation to prospective clients. For a retail or storefront business to succeed, personalized window decals are an essential driver. Let Wild Window Graphics come to your store and transform it! Whereas other services just do the install and outsource their printing, we provide both printing and installation at your location – which keeps our costs lower than our competitors!

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How much do window wraps cost?

Customized window wraps for business storefronts and windows range in price depending on the size of the window. Since the wraps are digitally printed on to film or vinyl, the technical detail of the artwork design doesn’t effect the price; just the amount of film used for printing. Window wrap installation costs may differ city to city. As we don’t outsource our printing, we offer the lowest price window wrap printing and installation in NYC as well as other major US markets.

What materials are window wraps made from?

You can make window wraps in a variety of materials. Vinyl window wraps are very common, however we don’t recommend them as they are extremely difficult to remove (they need to be scratched off!) which makes changing your window advertising campaigns a pain. We use thin, adhesive films such as Avery and 3M which can be removed quickly without leaving any residue and can of course be printed in beautiful, bright, vivid colors.

  • 3M 1080/2080 color change film
  • Avery Dennison SW900 color change film
  • Orafol 970RA color change film
  • Mactac, Di-noc, and more
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See our recent window wraps, storescapes, poster printing, & wheat pasting campaigns in NYC, LA & Miami

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OOH Marketing Services

We work directly with OOH agencies & media buyers to plan and print posters of all sizes for all types of campaigns. Find out more.

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WheatpastingĀ® is the people’s guerrilla marketing technique ā€” wildly popular, very low-cost, and highly effective. WheatpastingĀ® posters, also known as fly posting, quickly catch the attention of passers-by and spread the word about your next promotion, performance, or event. In NYC, we produce wheatpaste posters for wheat pasting campaigns the same day.

Billboards & Spectaculars

Billboards are the biggest format advertising around, and they deliver the most impact for any marketing campaign. To withstand the elements in rain, hail, and sun, billboards need high-quality, all-weather materials. In order to get the finest results, we utilize only the highest quality 13oz scrim vinyl and inks in our billboard goods.

Window Advertising

Storescapes are dynamic and eye-catching advertisements created from shop windows, walls, barriers, and storefronts. Because these windows and walls are at eye level, they are ideal for making a big impression on consumers, particularly in crowded streets and retail malls. Imagine a billboard right in front of your face ā€” thatā€™s a Storescape!

Window Wraps FAQ

Everything you wanted to know about window wraps.

What are window wraps?

Window wraps are large signage and advertising prints that are “wrapped” on to windows at stores and offices. The color printed adhesive graphics are installed either inside or outside the window and made from a variety of materials including 3M, avery or perforated vinyl. They can either fully block sunlight, or allow light through using perforated materials. Window wraps typically cover the entire window top to bottom and can be installed and removed quickly to apply new wraps.

Window wrapping an adhesive backing are commonly used to decorate shop and office windows. They come in a range of styles with graphics, typography, and pictures. In fact, the sky is the limit with what you want to print.Ā  Wraps can be a simple and inexpensive way to design the inside or outside of any glass or window surface and show off your message.

Wild Window Graphics can make designing, printing, and placing window wraps and graphics on glass surfaces simple. Our wraps look fantastic on automobiles, cubicles, and windows.

The adhesive we use is strong enough to withstand variations in temperature and weather while yet being easy to remove. They are a fantastic option for both long- and short-term applications due to their durability. Window wraps are a great option for advertising displays and seasonal promotions because of their inexpensive cost. Your windows shouldn’t be harmed after removal, and you may immediately replace the graphics with new ones.

Will the wraps block sunlight?

One of the unique characteristics of the 3M window film we use is that it allows some sunlight in; so you don’t lose the purpose of your windows. It is intended to manage heat, provide glare and fade protection, all without blocking out light and sunlight. It’s really the best of both worlds. By choosing a film with the help of expert installers, you may preserve a livable environment while receiving the amount of protection you want. For this, 3M Thinsulate window film is a fantastic option and is one of our most popular wrapping materials.

Can wraps help with my energy bill?

Yes, window film may significantly reduce your energy costs. This is true for both home and business areas. This amazing invention helps a space retain heat during the winter and minimizes the amount of heat that enters it during the summer. Energy savings may have a significant effect, especially in warmer locations like Los Angeles and San Franscico where we often do installations.

Is the installation messy?

No it’s not. Our team of professional installers come to your location and cut and fit the window wraps and we are known for our efficient and precise work. When installing window film, whether in private residences or public venues, we respect your property and take the utmost care. We clean entirely the residue from previous wraps and window stickers before applying new graphics.

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